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s a t u r d a y - july 16, 2 0 0 5

When ericalynnnn and I woke up on Saturday, it wasn't until late in the afternoon. We were both a bit on the depressed side due to the happenings in HBP, but we perservered. Mostly we just lounged about my house and watched tv. My best friend, Elizabeth, came over for a bit, and when she left, Erica and I decided to go to Blockbuster to rent a movie or two.

Let me just say that I am a freakin' CRAZY driver. I basically ...don't know what I'm doing half of the time, which is too bad, really, but whatever. So when we pulled into the Blockbuster parking lot, I drove to the side lot and parked pretty much in two spaces, thinking we wouldn't be in there too long and that nobody besides me ever really uses that side lot anyway. After we walked around and debated on which movies to get, we decided on Hitch and The Pacifier, only The Pacifier was all out so we got a "raincheck" for the next day it was in to rent it for free.

As we were leaving Blockbuster, we walked around to the side lot to notice some douchebag in a big white Soccer Mom-style van try to pull into the spot next to mine. Now, as I said before, I pretty much parked in two spots. HOWEVER, there was still plenty of room for him to park his van in between my car and the next one over. He made it seem as though it was such a tricky thing to do, as if he was trying to park a Hummer into a motorcycle's spot. Yeah flipping RIGHT.

So Erica and I are basically dying with laughter as I unlock my car, and we both climb in. I'm trying so hard to back out, but it was proving to be really difficult because I was laughing so hard. Finally I reverse straight out, so the guy can park "properly" (whatever), and when he gets out of his van, he makes huge gestures with his arms and starts like, yelling at us. AHAHAHHA OMG. I like, slammed on the brakes and put my head down because I was literally shaking with laughter. Erica was like, "WTF ARE YOU DOING, RETARD" to the man, but thankfully he couldn't hear us because AIR CONDITIONER WHAT. After I controlled myself a bit, I pulled out onto the main road, and we went to Wendy's for lunch/dinner. Man, it pwn'd. Then we stopped at Millea's, a liquor store, and bought a 12-pack of random Mike's Hard Lemonade flavors. Oh, all of this - I might add - in our pajamas. YES WE RULE.

When we got back to my house, we watched TV and the rest of the Jackass volumes from the previous day, as well as some episodes of Viva La Bam. Elizabeth had gone to the movies with some friends, but she said she'd come back over when the movie was out. So, basically, by this time, it was almost 10:30pm, and Liz had been gone for about 3 hours. I decided to call her to see what the f was going on, but when I did, she didn't answer, so I figured that she was hanging out with her friends and was just going to go home afterwards. It was just about then when Katy (my other best friend) stopped by to ask if Erica and I wanted to go to Crossroads (one of the few bars in Plymouth) with her and Brandon (her boyfriend) for a few drinks. Erica and I decided why the hell not, so Katy left to go home and pre-game and said they'd be back to pick us up so we could drink at my house beforehand in order to save money on drinks at the bar. Erica and I were in the midst of getting dressed when Liz stormed in my house in hysterics because she'd just called Katy to find out that we were all going to the bars. She basically started crying and said she hated when we went to the bars because she was only 19, and it wasn't fair, and I told her she could hang out with us that night since Katy was with Brandon, and it wasn't fair that Katy had both Brandon and I because that left her with no one since the boys were being extremely lame. I didn't really know what the f was going on, and Erica stayed in Austin's room (the place where she was sleeping, conveniently, on 101 Dalmations sheets) and just kept like, looking at me like, "wtf is going on."

THEN, Katy came back over, and she and Liz basically had a bitch fest about going to the bars and hanging out with me and me not telling Katy that Liz was coming over, and I just stood there, staring at them both, trying my hardest not to laugh. And then something came up about porn, and all we hear is, "ahahahahah" coming from Erica in Austin's room, which made everyone laugh for a moment, which definitely was a good thing because UGH DRAMA MUCH.

Finally Katy was like, "whatever, we'll go another time," and left, leaving Liz here to complain a bit. Erica was just like, "dang drama," to which I responded, "that's how we roll here in P-town." Sad, really. BUT WHATEV. Soon after, Liz decided she wanted to get drunk, so the three of us hopped in my car and headed to buy her some box wine, which is basically her favorite. We called Katy to apologize and invite her over and whatnot, but she decided she'd rather stay at home (and probably cry a bit, because that's what she does), so yeah. We messed around Kroger's for a bit before coming back to my house.

We watched a bit more Viva La Bam before putting in Hitch. We took a few shots and basically just lounged about my house in pajamas, watching movies, talking, and drinking. Then we had the bright idea of calling Papa John's to order food. We got chicken strips and cheese sticks. After the order got to my house, and we'd eaten the chicken strips, Elizabeth was like, "omg I'm going to call Papa John's and tell them that they forgot to give us chicken strips!" Erica and I were busting up laughing basically the entire time. It was absolutely one of the funniest things Liz has ever done. She was just like, "yeah you forgot to give us our chicken strips! Somebody ate them! Oh ... I was just kidding." It went on for about five minutes. Hilarious.

We were about a fourth of the way through Hitch when we decided we weren't even really watching it, so I turned on more Viva La Bam. Elizabeth fell asleep on the loveseat, and soon after, Erica and I decided to go to bed, as well.

P I C T U R E S :

Elizabeth leaning over in the loveseat.

Erica, as intense as Canada, watching Viva La Bam. That's the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it. Uh huh uh huh.

Elizabeth was like, "there's a CAT on this blanket." Erica and I were like, "...." because she's basically a freakin' idiot.

And then I called her a freakin' idiot, and she made this face.

And soon after, she was like, "why is that coyote STARING at me?!?!?!"

Erica thought it was pretty funny.

So did Sneakers. ♥

And so she came to investigate.

Elizabeth was going through my fridge. She is obviously easily excited.

Mini A1?! No way!

The fridge was pretty full.

Erica and I were in the garage.

Erica took this one. It's of the Papa John's delivery lady. Well, ...sort of.

DA CHIK'N!!!!!

Elizabeth admiring the chicken. Wow.

Mmm, cheese sticks.

Liz started dipping her cheese sticks into the BBQ sauce, so I tried it. Wasn't very good.

She called Papa John's to discuss the chicken strips matter.

And got thirsty.

Erica thought she was funny. Or something like that.


Elizabeth was a little drunk.

Can you tell?

Pretty good Saturday evening, if I do say so myself.
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